5 Tips Easy Installing Cabinet Pulls

5 Tips Easy Installing Cabinet Pulls – Person depressed economy that can not afford most of us do home renovations. This makes it very difficult, if we have a new look – or want to sell the house and fix it before. Cabinet pulls and handles a great way to create a rapid recovery in the kitchen without spending much changed Cabinet. Although it costs a bit, this small change can make a big difference in any kitchen. Here’s a quick guide to installing the cabinet pulls, even for the novice renovator.

1 – containment

Before buying the new cabinet pulls, and invest your money in this project, it is important to know how the equipment you need. Nothing is more frustrating to realize that I bought three 2.5-inch cabinet and now have nothing to do with them. Make sure all cabinets, drawers, doors and cabinets to install the new cabinet pulls hopes completely. Another person in semi See also numbers.

2 – Measure

Now is the time to measure the distance between the center of the holes to know what size you need is cabinet pulls. The best way to make your renovation project to purchase the new cabinet pulls is the same size as the old one was. Why are they doing to close the holes and drill new holes, if you can not find the same box size are 12 inches or cabinet pulls 3.5 inch strips to fit the available space? Once the exact size of this space is called, you will be able to control for the size of tractor inches, so it is a purchase and installation much easier and more efficient.

3 – We buy!

Now the fun begins. Once you know the size of strips of thumb that you need, you can have fun shopping for a new look. If you are buying for their own reforms, and then think about the cabinets already and make sure you fit the new cabinet pulls your existing color and style. If you are hoping to sell the house, then consider purchasing brass bands or office furniture in satin nickel handles, like these. Attention of potential buyers

4 – Out with the old, in New

Once your cabinet pulls happens, you are ready to begin installation. Take the existing cabinet pulls with a screwdriver to remove the screws. If the screws do not move, try to put some W-D40 or Goo Gone to the screw heads. Let dry and try again. This should work to remove the screws. Now install the new cabinet pulls in the same place where the former were idiots. Take a new set and the existing bolt hole within the drawer. With a screwdriver or Allen wrench into the hole and the hole in the new attraction of the cabinet. View of the front of the drawer new material. If you want to have acquired the appearance and shape of the box margins of 2.5 inches, you can use the screws pull the insert and tighten housing.

5 – More Tips

If you paint or touch up cabinets, drawers and doors as part of this process, make sure you do this after removing the old cabinets and flat handles before installing the new one. This will ensure that the entire surface is covered with new or refurbished and ensure that the new equipment will not spoil or painted.

Are you ready to make a TV show about renovating the house! You have successfully installed your new trains – when she shoots 3 inch cabinet pulls and cabinet 8 inches – and you also enjoy the glory of a job. Now you’re ready to admire your work very useful for years – or to sell the home at its fair value.